Best High-Top Golf Shoes for 2024

high-top golf shoes
high-top golf shoes

High-top golf shoes provide extra ankle support and stability. They are ideal for golfers seeking enhanced performance and comfort.

High-top golf shoes have gained popularity among golfers for their superior ankle support and stability. These shoes are designed to provide a snug fit around the ankles, reducing the risk of injuries during swings and long walks on the course.

The added support helps maintain balance, especially on uneven terrains. They also come with advanced traction features, ensuring a firm grip on various surfaces. Many golfers find them beneficial for improving their overall performance. With a range of stylish designs and materials, high-top golf shoes cater to both functionality and fashion, making them a preferred choice for many avid golfers.

High Top Golf Shoes Revolution

high-top golf shoes
High-Top Golf Shoes

The world of golf shoes has seen an amazing transformation. High-top golf shoes are now the talk of the town. These shoes offer style and support. They are changing how golfers approach their game.

Rise In Popularity

High-top golf shoes are becoming very popular. Many golfers now prefer them over low-top shoes. Here are some reasons why:

  • Better ankle support: High tops protect ankles during swings.
  • Stylish designs: They come in many colors and styles.
  • Improved performance: Many golfers report better stability.

Fashion Meets Functionality

High-top golf shoes are not just about looks. They also offer many practical benefits. Here’s a table showing some key features:

Waterproof materialsKeep feet dry in wet conditions.
Enhanced gripBetter traction on different surfaces.
Cushioned solesReduce foot fatigue during long games.

These shoes blend fashion and functionality seamlessly. Golfers no longer need to choose between style and comfort. High-top golf shoes offer the best of both worlds.

Key Features Of High Golf Shoes

High-top golf shoes have become a game-changer for many golfers. They offer a perfect blend of functionality and style. These shoes provide several key features that can significantly enhance your golfing experience. Below are two standout features of this.

Ankle Support

Ankle support is one of the most crucial features of this. The higher cut around the ankle offers extra stability. This can prevent injuries and improve your overall performance on the course.

High-top golf shoes come with reinforced padding around the ankle. This padding helps in maintaining a secure fit. It also reduces the risk of twists and sprains.

Waterproof Qualities

Another important feature is the waterproof quality of these shoes. Golfers often encounter wet conditions. High-top golf shoes are designed to keep your feet dry.

Many high-top golf shoes use water-resistant materials. These materials repel water, keeping moisture out. This is especially useful during early morning rounds or in rainy weather.

Here is a quick look at the key features of high-top golf shoes:

Ankle SupportProvides stability and prevents injuries
Waterproof QualitiesKeeps feet dry in wet conditions

Innovations In Golf Footwear

Golf footwear has undergone significant changes in recent years. The introduction of high-top golf shoes has revolutionized the market. These shoes offer enhanced support and stability. Let’s explore the latest innovations in golf footwear.

Technological Advancements

High-top golf shoes feature advanced technology. This includes enhanced traction systems. These systems ensure a firm grip on various terrains.

Many high-top golf shoes also incorporate waterproof membranes. This keeps your feet dry in wet conditions. Another key feature is the integration of smart insoles. These insoles provide real-time data on your stance and swing.

Here are some technological advancements:

  • Enhanced traction systems
  • Waterproof membranes
  • Smart insoles
  • Advanced cushioning

Material Breakthroughs

The materials used in high-top golf shoes have also seen breakthroughs. Many shoes now use lightweight yet durable materials. These materials provide comfort without sacrificing performance.

Modern high-top golf shoes often feature breathable fabrics. These fabrics keep your feet cool and dry. Additionally, the use of recycled materials has become more common. This trend is driven by a focus on sustainability.

Below is a table summarizing the key materials used:

Lightweight syntheticsIncreased comfort
Breathable fabricsEnhanced ventilation
Recycled materialsEco-friendly

These material advancements offer both comfort and performance. They make high-top golf shoes a top choice for many golfers.

Choosing The Right High-Top Golf Shoes

Choosing the right high-top golf shoes is essential for both comfort and performance on the course. It’s provide ankle support and stability. This can improve your game and prevent injuries. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting your perfect pair.

Fit And Comfort

The fit and comfort of high-top golf shoes are paramount. Shoes that are too tight or too loose can cause blisters and discomfort. Ensure the shoes fit snugly around your foot. Yet, they should not pinch or squeeze. It’s important to try on shoes with the same type of socks you wear during a game.

  • Snug Fit: Shoes should cradle your foot without squeezing.
  • Ankle Support: High tops should provide firm ankle support.
  • Breathability: Look for shoes with breathable materials to keep your feet cool.

Comfort is also influenced by the cushioning inside the shoe. Check for adequate padding in the insole and around the ankle. This can make a big difference during long rounds of golf. Remember, comfortable shoes can improve your focus and endurance on the course.

Sole Traction Considerations

Traction is crucial in golf. The right sole can prevent slips and provide stability. High-top golf shoes come with various sole designs. Some have spiked soles, while others have spikeless ones.

Spiked SolesEnhanced grip on wet grassHeavier and can damage greens
Spikeless SolesLightweight and versatileLess grip on slippery surfaces

Consider the typical conditions of the courses you play. If they are often wet, spiked soles might be better. For dry and firm courses, spikeless soles can provide enough traction and are more comfortable for walking.

Table of Contents

Styling Tips For High-Top Golf Shoes

high top golf shoes for styling tips
High Top Golf Shoes for Styling Tips

High-top golf shoes are not just for support and comfort. They can also elevate your golf attire. With the right pairing, these shoes can make a bold statement on the course. Let’s explore some styling tips to ensure you look your best.

Coordinating With Golf Attire

Matching your high-top golf shoes with your outfit is key. Choose colors that complement your clothing. For instance, if you wear neutral tones, opt for shoes in similar shades.

Avoid clashing colors. If your shoes are bright, keep the rest of your outfit simple. This ensures your shoes stand out without overwhelming your look.

Balance patterns. If your shoes have a busy design, wear solid-colored clothes. Conversely, if your attire is patterned, go for plain shoes.

Here is a quick guide:

Clothing TypeRecommended Shoe Color
Neutral TonesNeutral Shades
Bright ColorsSimple Tones
PatternedSolid Colors

Personalizing Your Look

Add accessories to enhance your style. A matching hat or belt can tie your outfit together. Choose accessories that complement your shoes.

Customize your shoes with unique laces. This adds a personal touch. Opt for laces that match or contrast with your outfit.

Layer your clothing. Wearing a stylish jacket or vest can add depth to your look. Ensure the layers don’t overshadow your high-top golf shoes.

Opt for functional and stylish socks. They should not only match your shoes but also provide comfort. Look for socks with unique patterns or colors that complement your attire.

Here’s a checklist for personalizing your look:

  • Match your hat or belt with your shoes.
  • Use unique laces for a personal touch.
  • Layer your clothing smartly.
  • Choose functional and stylish socks.

Performance Benefits

High-top golf shoes offer remarkable advantages. They enhance your performance on the course. These shoes provide extra support and comfort, ensuring a stable and enjoyable game.

Stability During The Swing

Stability is crucial in golf. High-top golf shoes offer excellent support to your ankles. This support ensures you maintain balance during your swing. With these shoes, your feet remain grounded. This stability translates to more powerful and accurate shots.

Here are the key points:

  • Enhanced ankle support
  • Improved balance
  • Grounded feet during swings

Reduced Risk Of Injury

Injuries can hinder your game. High-top golf shoes help reduce this risk. They provide extra protection to your ankles. This protection is vital on uneven terrain. The additional support minimizes the strain on your feet and legs.

Benefits of reduced injury risk include:

  1. Enhanced ankle protection
  2. Reduced strain on feet and legs
  3. Increased confidence on uneven terrain
Enhanced Ankle SupportStability during swings
Extra ProtectionReduced risk of injury

Top Brands Crafting High-Top Golf Shoes

High-top golf shoes are gaining popularity due to their superior ankle support and unique style. In this section, we will explore the top brands that excel in crafting these. From established industry leaders to promising emerging designers, these brands are setting new standards in the golf footwear market.

Industry Leaders

Several well-known brands have set the benchmark for quality in high-top golf shoes. They combine innovation with tradition to deliver top-notch products.

BrandSpecial FeaturesPopular Models
NikeAdvanced cushioning, durable materialsAir Max 1 G, Roshe G Tour
AdidasBoost technology, waterproof designsCodeChaos, Tour360 XT
PumaGripmore outsole, sleek designIgnite PWRADAPT, PUMA RS-G

Emerging Designers

New brands are making waves in the high-top golf shoe market. They bring fresh perspectives and innovative designs to the table.

  • G/FORE: Known for its stylish and functional designs, G/FORE offers high-top golf shoes that stand out on the course.
  • TRUE Linkswear: This brand focuses on comfort and performance, making their high tops a favorite among golfers.
  • Ecco: Combining Scandinavian design with performance technology, Ecco’s high-top golf shoes are both stylish and practical.

Celebrity Influence On High Top Golf Shoes

Celebrity Influence On High Top Golf Shoes
Celebrity Influence On High Top Golf Shoes

High-top golf shoes have become a trend in the golfing world. Celebrities play a huge role in this popularity. Their choices and endorsements impact the decisions of many golf enthusiasts.

Pro Golfers’ Choices

Many professional golfers choose high-top golf shoes. They value the extra ankle support and modern style these shoes offer. Big names like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have been seen wearing them. Their choices inspire many fans and amateur golfers.

Tiger WoodsNikeAnkle support, waterproof
Rory McIlroyNikeComfort, durability

Celebrity Golf Enthusiasts

Many celebrities also enjoy playing golf. They often wear high-top golf shoes, influencing their fans. Stars like Justin Timberlake and Samuel L. Jackson are known for their stylish golf attire. They prefer high tops for their comfort and trendy look.

  • Justin Timberlake: Known for his love of golf. Often seen in high-top shoes.
  • Samuel L. Jackson: A golf enthusiast. Choose high tops for comfort.

These celebrities have a huge impact on fashion trends. Their choices influence many golfers worldwide. High-top golf shoes are now a symbol of style and performance.

The Future Of Golf Footwear

The evolution of golf shoes is heading in exciting directions. High-top golf shoes are becoming more popular. They promise to blend comfort, performance, and style. Let’s explore what the future holds for golf footwear.

Eco-friendly Options

Golfers are becoming more aware of their environmental impact. Eco-friendly golf shoes are now in demand. These shoes use sustainable materials like recycled plastics and natural fibers. This reduces waste and promotes sustainability.

Manufacturers are adopting eco-friendly processes. Water-based adhesives and non-toxic dyes are now common. These methods reduce harmful emissions and make shoes safer for the environment.

BrandEco-Friendly MaterialBenefit
Brand ARecycled PlasticsReduces Waste
Brand BNatural FibersBiodegradable

Smart Technology Integration

Smart technology is reshaping golf footwear. High-top golf shoes now feature advanced sensors. These sensors track your steps and monitor your stance. They provide real-time feedback to improve your game.

Some shoes connect to your smartphone. You can track your performance and get tips. Smart insoles measure pressure points and suggest adjustments. This helps prevent injuries and improves comfort.

  • Step Tracking: Monitors your steps for better performance.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Gives instant tips to improve your stance.
  • Smart Insoles: Measures pressure points to prevent injuries.

The future of golf footwear is bright. Eco-friendly options and smart technology are leading the way. High-top golf shoes are set to revolutionize the game.

Maintaining Your High-Top Golf Shoes

High-top golf shoes are an investment in your game. Keeping them in top condition helps enhance performance and extend their lifespan. This section covers essential tips and tricks for maintaining your golf shoes.

Cleaning Best Practices

Regular cleaning keeps your shoes looking new. Follow these steps to clean your high-top golf shoes effectively:

  • Remove Loose Dirt: Use a soft brush to remove dirt and debris.
  • Wipe with a Damp Cloth: Use a damp cloth to wipe the exterior surface.
  • Use Mild Soap: Apply mild soap to a cloth and gently clean the shoes.
  • Rinse and Dry: Rinse the soap off with a damp cloth and let the shoe air dry.

Longevity Tips

Maximize the lifespan of your high-top golf shoes with these tips:

  1. Rotate Your Shoes: Avoid wearing the same pair every game.
  2. Store Properly: Keep your shoes in a cool, dry place.
  3. Use Shoe Trees: Insert shoe trees to maintain shape and absorb moisture.
  4. Avoid Extreme Conditions: Do not expose your shoes to extreme heat or cold.
Maintenance TaskFrequency
CleaningAfter each use
Using Shoe TreesAfter each use

The Debate: High Tops Vs. Traditional Golf Shoes

The world of golf shoes has evolved, bringing new designs to enhance performance. A significant debate in this space is between high-top golf shoes and traditional golf shoes. Each type has its own set of features, advantages, and drawbacks. This section will help you understand the differences and make an informed choice.

Comparing Features

Let’s compare the key features of high tops and traditional golf shoes:

FeatureHigh Top Golf ShoesTraditional Golf Shoes
SupportEnhanced ankle supportStandard ankle support
WeightGenerally heavierLighter and more agile
DesignModern, sporty lookClassic, timeless design
StabilityIncreased stabilityStandard stability
ComfortVaries by brandProven comfort over the years

Pros And Cons

Understanding the pros and cons can help you decide better:

  • High Top Golf Shoes:
    • Pros:
      • Better ankle support
      • Increased stability
      • Modern design
    • Cons:
      • Heavier
      • May feel restrictive
      • Less breathable
  • Traditional Golf Shoes:
    • Pros:
      • Lighter
      • Classic design
      • Proven comfort
    • Cons:
      • Less ankle support
      • Standard stability
      • May lack modern features

High Top Golf Shoes In Different Weather Conditions

High-top golf shoes are versatile. They offer support and stability. But how do they fare in different weather conditions? Let’s explore their performance in summer heat and during winter rounds.

Summer Heat

Golfing in the summer can be tough. The sun blazes, and the ground gets hot. High-top golf shoes can keep your feet cool and comfortable.

  • Breathable Materials: Look for shoes with mesh or other breathable fabrics. This helps to keep your feet cool.
  • Lightweight Design: Choose lightweight shoes. They prevent your feet from feeling heavy and tired.
  • Moisture-Wicking Liners: These liners absorb sweat. They keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Wear socks made of moisture-wicking material. It will add extra comfort in the heat.

Winter Rounds

Winter golfing brings its challenges. The ground can be wet and cold. High-top golf shoes can help you stay warm and dry.

  • Waterproof Materials: Waterproof shoes keep your feet dry. This is crucial in wet conditions.
  • Insulated Liners: These liners keep your feet warm. They are perfect for cold weather.
  • Extra Traction: Shoes with good grip prevent slips on wet grass. Look for shoes with deep treads.

Consider wearing thermal socks. They provide extra warmth during winter rounds.


Choosing the right high-top golf shoes for each season can enhance your game. Stay comfortable and focused, no matter the weather.

How High-Top Golf Shoes Impact Your Game

High-top golf shoes are becoming popular. They offer unique benefits on the golf course. Understanding their impact on your game can help you decide if they are right for you.

Confidence Boosters

High-top golf shoes provide extra ankle support. This can help prevent injuries during your swing. Feeling secure in your stance can boost your confidence.

These shoes often have better grip. This improves stability on various terrains. Golfers feel more confident with every step.

High tops can also offer additional comfort. With more padding and support, your feet remain comfortable through 18 holes. Comfort leads to better focus and performance.

Potential Drawbacks

High-top golf shoes can be heavier than low-top. This might affect your mobility and speed.

These shoes can be less breathable. Your feet may get hotter, especially in warm weather.

High tops may limit ankle flexibility. Some golfers might find this restrictive. Limited flexibility can impact your swing dynamics.

AspectHigh Top ShoesLow Top Shoes
Ankle SupportHighLow

In summary, high-top golf shoes offer great support and confidence boosters, but they have potential drawbacks. Weighing these factors can help you make an informed choice.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

High-top golf shoes have taken the market by storm. These shoes offer exceptional support and style. But what do customers and experts say about them? In this section, we delve into customer reviews and ratings to give you a comprehensive look at the performance of these shoes.


Many golfers rave about the comfort and support these shoes provide. Here’s what some of them have to say:

  • John D. – “These shoes are a game-changer. My feet feel great even after 18 holes.”
  • Susan M. – “I love the ankle support. My swings feel more stable.”
  • Mike K. – “Best golf shoes I’ve ever owned. They look stylish and perform well.”

Expert Opinions

Experts in the golf industry also have high praise for these shoes. Here’s what they think:

Golf Digest“These shoes provide excellent support and comfort. Perfect for long games.”
Golf Monthly“High-top golf shoes are revolutionizing the market. Highly recommended.”
Pro Golf Insider“A must-have for serious golfers. The added support makes a big difference.”

Fashion Forward: The Aesthetics Of High-Top Golf Shoes

High-top golf shoes are not just for performance. They are a statement of style. These shoes blend function with fashion. They are perfect for golfers who want to look good on the course.

They have become a trend. They offer support and style. The designs are modern and sleek. Golfers can now express their style through their footwear.

Design trends in high-top golf shoes are evolving. Bold colors and patterns are popular. Classic white is still in demand, but bright hues are gaining traction. Many golfers prefer shoes that stand out.

Materials are also changing. Leather is classic, but synthetic options are lighter. Mesh materials offer breathability. These changes make high-top golf shoes more comfortable.

Solids, stripes, and unique prints are in vogue. Many brands are offering limited editions. These special releases often feature exclusive designs. Golfers love having unique shoes on the course.

Customizable Features

Customizable features are a big draw. Golfers can choose from various color combinations. Some brands offer personalized name tags or initials. This adds a personal touch to the shoes.

Laces and straps are also customizable. Velcro straps are easy to adjust. Some shoes come with interchangeable laces. This allows golfers to match their shoes with their outfits.

Insoles can be customized for extra comfort. Orthotic options are available for those needing extra support. These features make high-top golf shoes both stylish and functional.

Golf Tournaments And High Top Shoes

High-top golf shoes are making waves in the world of golf. These shoes provide extra support and stability. Many golfers now prefer high tops for their comfort and style. Let’s explore their role in golf tournaments.

On The Green

High-top golf shoes offer a better grip on the green. They help players maintain their stance. This is crucial during critical shots. A firm stance can make or break a game. The shoes also protect ankles from twists.

Golfers often face uneven terrain. High tops provide extra balance. Players feel more confident with each step. Comfort is another key factor. High-top shoes cushion the feet, reducing fatigue.

Behind The Scenes

Choosing the right golf shoes is essential. High-top shoes are becoming a top choice for many. They are stylish and functional. Let’s look at some features of high-top golf shoes:

Extra Ankle SupportPrevents injuries and provides stability.
Enhanced GripImproves traction on various surfaces.
Comfort PaddingReduces foot fatigue during long games.
Stylish DesignAppeals to modern golfers.

Professional golfers often choose high tops. They value the added support and comfort. The shoes also help during practice sessions. Players can train longer without discomfort.

Pairing Golf Accessories With High Top Shoes

High-top golf shoes are not just about style; they offer great support and comfort. To elevate your game, pairing the right accessories with these shoes is key. Let’s explore how to match gloves and coordinate bags with golf shoes.

Matching Gloves

Wearing the right gloves can enhance your grip and performance. Here are some tips for pairing gloves with high-top golf shoes:

  • Color Coordination: Choose gloves that match or complement the color of your shoes. This creates a unified look.
  • Material: Opt for gloves made of similar materials as your shoes. Leather gloves go well with leather shoes.
  • Brand Matching: Wearing gloves from the same brand as your shoes ensure consistent quality and design.

Matching gloves to your high-top shoes not only boosts your style but also your game.

Coordinating Bags

Golf bags are essential for carrying your clubs and accessories. Coordinating your bag with high-top golf shoes can enhance your overall look:

  • Color Scheme: Select a bag that matches or contrasts well with your shoe color. This adds a stylish touch.
  • Material Consistency: Choose bags made of similar materials as your shoes. Leather bags pair well with leather shoes.
  • Functional Design: Ensure the bag has enough compartments and is comfortable to carry with your high-top shoes.

Coordinating your golf bag with your high-top shoes ensures you look sharp on the course.

Social media has changed how we see fashion. High-top golf shoes are no different. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok make it easy to share the latest shoe trends. This drives demand and creates new styles.

Influencer Endorsements

Influencers have a big impact on shoe trends. They wear high-top golf shoes and show them off to millions of followers. People trust these influencers. They want to wear what their favorite influencers wear.

  • Influencers often get early access to new shoe releases.
  • They post photos and videos wearing the shoes.
  • This creates buzz and excitement around the shoes.

Brands also use influencers in their marketing. They send free shoes to influencers. In return, influencers share posts about the shoes. This is a win-win for both parties.

Viral Golf Shoe Moments

Sometimes, a high-top golf shoe goes viral. This could be due to a unique design or a famous person wearing them. Viral moments can boost sales in a big way.

Famous athlete wears the shoesSales spike
Shoes feature in a viral videoIncreased brand awareness

Social media makes it easy for these moments to spread. One post can reach millions of people quickly. This creates a huge market for high-top golf shoes.

Understanding Golf Shoe Regulations

High-top golf shoes are gaining popularity among golfers. These shoes offer better support and stability. But it’s important to understand the regulations around them. Golf shoe regulations can vary depending on tournaments and golf courses.

Tournament Rules

Different tournaments have different rules for golf shoes. Professional tournaments often have stricter regulations. Shoes must not damage the greens. High-top golf shoes should comply with these rules.

Some tournaments may require soft spikes instead of metal ones. This reduces damage to the course. Check the tournament guidelines before choosing your shoes.

Golf Course Policies

Each golf course has its policies. Some courses may not allow certain types of shoes. It’s essential to check the course policy before playing.

High-top golf shoes should meet the course’s requirements. Some courses ban shoes with hard spikes. Soft spikes are usually preferred. This helps in maintaining the quality of the greens.

Here’s a quick look at common golf course policies regarding shoes:

Course PolicyAllowed ShoesBanned Shoes
Soft Spikes OnlyHigh-top shoes with soft spikesMetal spikes
No Damage to GreensHigh-top shoes with padded solesHard spikes

The International Scene: High-Top Golf Shoes Worldwide

High-top golf shoes are making waves in the global market. These shoes combine style, comfort, and functionality. They cater to golfers of all levels. Their unique design provides ankle support and stability. This makes them a favorite among many players worldwide.

Global Market

The demand for high-top golf shoes is on the rise. They are popular in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Many top brands offer these shoes. Players seek the best quality and performance. The global market for these shoes is growing rapidly.

RegionTop BrandsPopularity
United StatesNike, AdidasHigh
EuropePuma, FootJoyMedium
AsiaMizuno, AsicsRising

Cultural Impact

High-top golf shoes influence golf culture worldwide. They are not just functional but also fashionable. Many young golfers prefer them. These shoes reflect a modern and sporty look.

  • Style: High-top golf shoes bring a fresh style to the game.
  • Comfort: They provide excellent ankle support and comfort.
  • Performance: Improved stability enhances a golfer’s performance.

In some regions, these shoes are a symbol of status. They signify a player’s dedication to the sport. This cultural significance boosts their popularity even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Golfers Wear High Tops?

Yes, some golfers wear high tops. High-top golf shoes provide extra ankle support and stability during swings.

Do Pga Pros Wear Spikeless Shoes?

Yes, some PGA pros wear spikeless shoes. They offer comfort, versatility, and a good grip on the course.

What Shoes Is Rory Mcilroy Wearing?

Rory McIlroy is currently wearing Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour golf shoes. These shoes offer comfort and performance on the course.

What Golf Shoes Does Phil Mickelson Wear?

Phil Mickelson wears G/FORE golf shoes. These stylish and high-performance shoes offer comfort and excellent traction.

What Are High-Top Golf Shoes?

High-top golf shoes are footwear with a higher ankle collar for better support and stability.

Benefits Of High Top Golf Shoes?

They provide enhanced ankle support, improved stability, and better protection against debris and weather.

Are High Top Golf Shoes Waterproof?

Many high-top golf shoes come with waterproof materials, keeping your feet dry during wet conditions.

Best Brands For High-Top Golf Shoes?

Top brands include Nike, Adidas, FootJoy, and Puma, known for quality and performance.

Do High-Top Golf Shoes Improve Performance?

Yes, they offer better support and stability, which can enhance your overall performance on the course.

Are High Top Golf Shoes Comfortable?

High-top golf shoes are designed for comfort, with cushioned insoles and supportive features for long rounds.


High-top golf shoes offer excellent support and stability on the course. They enhance performance and ensure comfort. Invest in a pair to improve your game and enjoy every round. Choose the right high-top golf shoes for an unbeatable golfing experience.

Your Feet Will Thank You.